Barbie as a Feminist Icon?

Barbie has never really been viewed favourably by Feminists. She represents very typical male-perspective impossibly high beauty standards for women. Her body is majorly disproportioned with loooong legs and boobs so big they MUST cause back problems. She represents decadent white America, teaching toxic beauty perceptions.

Yet, a study into Barbie’s career over the years does suggest that perhaps this plastic fantastic is owed some respect from us after all.

It turns out Barbie dolls have had around 72 careers during their time, including President of the United States. Barbie achieved where Hillary Clinton fell short, and has paved the way for other female dolls to also become President. Perhaps we will have a Bratz doll in the White House before we know it.

List of all the jobs Barbie has had over time, including salaries

As you can see by the list provided by Silver Swan Recruitment, Barbie has managed to earn over $45m. This makes her worth the same amount as Kim Kardashian, who is also a sex icon who deserves more respect for her career.

Barbie was a pilot, which is commendable since even in 2019, less than 6% of pilots are women.

Barbie was also a doctor for a short while, which seems progressive since women in movies and toys are delighted to nurses, while men get to be the actual doctors.

The point of this short article is that I hope that the toy industry is taking more of a serious thought into how they are shaping the children of tomorrow. Giving little girls a toy of a female president of the United States may seem small, but who knows how that shapes her perception of politics and her own boundaries as a woman.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of Barbie’s career path, and can she be fairly branded as a feminist icon?

Lots of love, Evie x

‘James Acaster’s Classic Scrapes’ – Book of the Week

I am going to be a little biased in this review as I absolutely adore James Acaster and his comedy. I just feel he is so clever and so weird, and we all know I love a weirdo! I first truly appreciated his work when he released four of his stand ups on Netflix titled ‘James Acaster: Repertoire’ and I honestly found them all so hilarious. Other friends/members of my family did not exactly “get” it, however the ones who did also instantly fell in love with him. I started listening to his podcast ‘Off Menu’ which is absolutely worth a try too.

I actually downloaded the audiobook of ‘Classic Scraps’ as I was going to be travelling in the car a lot over the Christmas holidays and did not want to get car sick. What is handy about this book is that it is a collection of short, funny stories from Acaster’s life. You can put the book down if you need to and come back to it- it isn’t a big commitment. Although the stories all stand alone, they do still refer back to one another and so the narrative does not feel too disjointed.

What is so funny and works about this book is that Acaster looks back on some of these stories with hindsight and does address the questions that the reader may be having, and so explains his backwards logic. I like that the ‘scrapes’ he gets himself into are not unbelievable or random, and there is some method to the madness, even if Acaster’s approach to the situation is not the same as regular people’s. This is the type of comedy I like as these situations don’t just occur “just because”, however there are a series of bad (and understandable) mistakes that snowball. Acaster has a rather literal interpretation of everything in life that always seem to result in him in some kind of mess.

I truly do recommend this to anyone who fancies a little pick-me-up on their commute as I know January can be a particularly drab time of year. Below I will provide the link to purchase the paperback on Amazon! Usually it is £9.99, however on Amazon it is only £6.92 which is an absolute steal:

‘James Acaster’s Classic Scrapes’, £6.92

I actually listened to this novel as an audiobook just because I was travelling a lot and it was easier for me to listen to it. I think this definitely added to the experience as his voice is so funny, and also there are a few songs in his book so you can actually hear how they go! So Amazon offers Kindle Unlimited (which is like Netflix but for books, audiobooks, magazines etc.) and has unlimited free stuff on it that you can download, I believe there are over 1,000,000 books on there so it is so worth it. Amazon offer a 30-Day Free Trial (I will link below) and then it’s only £7.99 a month after that. However, you can cancel at any time which is so handy, so if you did not enjoy your free trial you can just cancel. I honestly do recommend Kindle Unlimited if you a big reader/audiobook listener as in the long run it does end up being cheaper (especially for an English student like me who has to read like 2 books a week):

Anyways let me know your thoughts on this book in the comments below! And do you have any books you want me to review or that you recommend for me? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Love from Evie x

The Unwritten Rules of Public Transport, Written Down

It has come to my attention that a great deal of people seem to have forgotten the unwritten rules of public transport. My dear reader, please treat this rant below as a PSA and forward it to the appropriate audience. Do let me know in the comments if I have missed any key rules.

  1. Do not sit next to me unless completely and utterly necessary. If you sit next to me when there are plenty of other empty seats then I will immediately think you are a creeper coming to kidnap me. Additional note: I hate the idea of some stranger’s leg touching mine (men are particularly guilty of this due to the phenomenon known as ‘man-spreading’).
  2. Do not under any circumstances try to start up a conversation. I get it, you’re old. Old people probably used to chat on transport back when there was no such thing as unlimited mobile data. However, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I am a millennial. We pride ourselves in being able to order sushi to our house via Deliveroo without having to talk to a single person. I would much rather queue for a self check out than go to an open till and have to speak to a shop assistant. If my earphones are in it means I am catching up on the latest episode of my favourite podcast, and frankly could not care less if you are having trouble finding the perfect shawl to go with your dress to your friend’s son’s wedding on Saturday, Janet. It’s 2018.

3. Don’t be a dick- give your seat to the elderly, pregnant or in any way disabled. The amount of times I have seen a tired old dear hobble onto the bus and people (even middle aged people who should know better) deliberately not make eye contact so that they do not have to give up your seat. Maybe your parents didn’t raise you as well as mine, but it’s the most basic rule of public transport.

4. Have you ticket at hand, for goD’S SAKE, WOMAN! When getting on the tube in rush-hour London why oh why on Earth would you not have your ticket ready to easily handle the barriers. You should have your ticket out when you leave the house- heck, it should never be put away! Always have your ticket at hand because there is nothing more infuriating than an amateur stopping the swift flow of commuters because they are thumbling around in their bag for their ticket.

Quickfire round:

  • passengers exit the train/bus/tram/boat/helicopter/batmobile before new ones enter
  • on the escalators stand on the right and walk on the left
  • your bag does not get priotrity on a seat over me- move it