Update: Memoirs of a 20 year old who is sick of acne

In the summer I posted about my long plight with acne, and told you guys how excited i was to start Lymecycline. I showed you pictures of my never before seen makeup-less pepperoni pizza face and promised to update a few months later. Well this is it.

I came off of Lymecycline after a few months as I noticed it did not really do much to help. What did help me are the products I am going to tell you about shortly. My skin is not perfect, however compared to a few months ago I am a whole new person. I have a few active spots here and there, but my biggest issue now is simply acne marks which will hopefully eventually fade.

The products I have used which have changed my life are:


Yep, that’s it. Plus a regular oil-free moisturiser which is in my original post. All I do is lather the Cetaphil on my face morning and night, I leave it on for a minute to do its stuff and then I wash it off. And then every other night afterwards I pop on a layer of Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Mask for about 10 minutes and take it off with a wet flannel and hey presto (I attached links to each of the products below so that you can access them on Amazon for cheap)! I also exclusively use oil-free makeup and I also change my pillowcase every night. The pillowcase one sounds silly however when I first started doing it I realised it did actually make a difference as I was not sleeping on the same oil my face had given off the night before.

£8.55 Amazon

£23.50 Amazon

£6.65 Amazon

Now here are my before and after pictures so that you can see the difference. I do look a bit awkward in these but it is because it is really hard for make to take pictures of my acne!



I know the camera quality is not great but I hope you can see a large difference! Yes, in the After pictures I still have red marks and bumps but it is considerably better than before! I will post a final update hopefully when my skin is totally cleared up!

What tips do you have for dealing with acne? Can you recommend any products for healing acne marks down below?

Lots of love, Evie x