Welcome to my mind (and my blog)

Hello everyone!

Well done for navigating your way around the ever-confusing internet and stumbling onto my blog. I aim to use this blog as a way to capture my thoughts and ideas, share recipes and generally fill it with what is going on in my brain. I hope to be able to better articulate myself by practising my writing here- and maybe even form a little community in the process!

A little about me:

I am a 20-year-old English student in South London, England. I enjoy reading, writing, baking, and Oxford commas. I am an infrequent gym-goer and I will probably share with you my fitness woes at some point. I have been diagnosed with mild/moderate anxiety and depression, and so I would not be surprised if a post around those subjects pops up.

Feel free to pop me an email at evelynjrichards@hotmail.com or follow me on instagram/twitter at @eviejrichards


Here is a little picture of me from the other week so you know what I look like:


Thank you for giving me your time and have a wonderful day!