Bleach London White Toner review

Bit of a different kind of blog for you today, but I have been looking to expand my content and hair and beauty is a big one for me. I have recently started a journey to go from medium brown hair to light blonde. I approached this by going to the hairdressers a few times and gradually getting more and more highlights put in as it is the best and healthiest way to go blonde. However, I am only a student and so when I decided to touch up my roots and tone it to a lighter, ashier colour I took matters into my own hands for the sake of my bank account. After hours and hours of research, the best looking toner for me seemed like the Bleach London White Toner. I have used Bleach London before to temporarily dye my hair pastel pink so I was familiar with the brand and knew it was good quality. What I like about Bleach London is that most of their products are totally vegan and the packaging is made out of recycled materials. Bleach London is also very cheap and readily available on Amazon for only £7.99! Click on the image below to be taken to the Amazon site and purchase the product:

Bleach London White Toner, £7.99 at Amazon

Inside the kit you receive developing lotion, the white colourant, instructions, a sample of the Bleach London reincarnation mask (which I already owned and very much recommend), and gloves. No brush, you are supposed to basically apply it with your fingers. However fortunately I already had a brush from something else. Here is my hair before, as you can see it is rather golden. I would not necessarily call it brassy, but certainly warmer and not as light as I wanted:


You must apply to shampooed, towel dried hair for best results. The instructions basically say to apply evenly all over hair and leave for no longer than 20 minutes, then use the Reincarnation mask supplied to help wash it out and heal the hair. Here are the after results:


My phone camera made my hair look darker than it is! However, hopefully you can see that it did take away some of the golden, warmer tones and replaced with lovely cooler tones. Some parts of my hair are almost white which is perfect! My hair does not feel damaged at all and is in fact super shiney and soft. One thing I will say is that I will probably have to use the toner again in a few days as where I had bleached my roots there is still a little brassiness:


It is not overly noticeable, however I am my largest critic and so it will bother me until I fix it! I will do an update post when I have applied the second layer of toner in a few days to let you know how I am coming along.


Any tips for going blonder? Please let me know below!

Lots of love, Evie x


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