Opening up about my obsession…

“Evie, you haven’t posted in over a week despite promising to be more active on your blog! Why do you hurt us with your lies?”

“Well, reader, I beg you to be less dramatic! I have been busy working hard. I have been trying to save up money for when I leave my summer job and return to university. I hope you do not mind. In my absence I have created a list of new blog-post ideas as I am aware I have been in a lull of ‘Book of the Week’ posts. This is just a short post about my new-found obsession.”

The colour green (forest green, to be exact) has always been my favourite as it brings me a sense of peace and down-to-Earthliness. Fortunately I live in the suburbs in Kent, which means I am surrounded by enough fields to make Theresa May jealous. I used to despise the outdoors as every Sunday growing up my parents would drag my brothers and I around a sad nature trail in the rain an insist that the “fresh air is good for you!” 12-year-old me did not agree. Wifi was good for me. However, when I got older and the stresses of anxiety and also general adulting gave me a new-found appreciation for nature.

The first year of university planted the seeds (pardon the pun) of my love of green. My University is situated more or less in the middle of the South Downs- an area of England known for beautiful rolling hills and wildlife. When essays got me down, I would just walk right up the hill and look at the horses that resided nearby. This gave me a sense of relief and it made assessment season easier to cope with.

bright day environment field
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The way I see it, Humans are not designed to spend their lives inside looking at a screen; man was made to hunt and scavenge outside. I think this is why Humans are prone to anxiety (comme moi) and stress. I believe that being around nature reminds us that we are only animals and that the stresses of capitalism and everyday life do not really matter in the long run.

It started out with a succulent, how did it en up like this?

Like every 18-year-old -white-girl-studying-an-Arts-degree nowadays, it is trendy to keep succulents. They are easy to look after, pretty to look at, and give the impression that the owner cares about the environment. I am now 20 and proud to say that my first plant is still alive and well.

succ 1.jpg

I expanded my succulent collection and adopted some cacti (or ‘prickly-boiis) as well. I am sad to report that one succulent (or ‘succy-boii’ to my friends and I) did not make it, however this was due to a possible insect in my opinion.

Prickly-Boiis and Succy-Boiis are cute and all, but they are also small and thus do not quite bring enough of the outside inside. So recently, I have adopted a few new plants. I did careful research before going to Coolings Gardening Centre and purchasing them. I selected 3 for now (however I am looking to expand my collection) to come join me in my new house. This includes two kinds of Pilea (one is called a Chinese Money Plant) as I like the roundness of the leaves and the way they grow and stick out in a somewhat sporadic nature. The other is called a ‘String of Pearls’ and I like it for its odd design. I intend for the latter plant to grow and cascade down my bookshelf, and am intending on purchasing perhaps a Golden Pothos to join it. I will also be building a ‘Kitchen Garden’ where I will grow herbs on the windowsill, so if you would like a DIY post on that then just let me know.

Below I have attached a family portrait:

evie plant.jpg

(“Evie, did you take this photo on an actual potato in what appears to be around 1999?” “Yes, reader, I did.”)

Let me know in the comments below if you have any recommendations for indoor plants as I am always looking to expand my collection! I am also intending upon uploading a kind of ‘Virtual Tour’ of my new bedroom in Brighton when I move in next week (sounds fancy but in reality I will upload a few pictures of my room and write some commentary) so let me know if that sounds interesting! Leading on from plants, I am intending on writing a blog post about my experience recently and attaching some pictures I took there, so let me know if that is of any interest to you guys as well!

Lots of love, Evie x

Author: eviejrichards

Hello, I am a 21 year old English Student with a passion for writing. In my blog I will write about thoughts, recipes and advice. I hope to gain a better understanding of myself through writing, and even possibly grow a little community!

2 thoughts on “Opening up about my obsession…”

  1. Love the family photo, although you seem to be hugging a small cactus? 🌵 Succulents are definitely more cuddly 🙂 There are plants which are supposed to have anti-anxiety properties, lavender, jasmine (both of which smell amazing) & the aforementioned Golden Pothos, great for air purification! Stay green 🙂

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