5 quite terrible things I have learnt about working full-time this week

Catchy title, I know. This week was my first full-time job, and the first time I have had to commute into London. And I have to say, I have some thoughts…

White collar professionals are a terrifying breed of man.

On my first day I had to get the underground from London Bridge to Green Park, and I encountered the middle aged professional. Men six foot and above, each around 50 with greying hair and navy suits. They do not spare so much as a glance for the horrified little girl (me) being trampled on. It feels like a mosh pit, however instead of dancing to Wiz Khalifa I am being thrown about by the tannoy alerting me that “there are delays on the Jubliee Line”. And if you dare accidentally fumble at the ticket machine for half a second then expect the same glare you would receive if you just defecated yourself.

An 8 hour shift is a very long time.

Of course, I am happy to be getting more money than ever before, but 8 hours seems a little much. By around two hours in I am already bored out of my mind, and the day has just begun. I almost feel sorry for customers that I have to help at the end of the day as my introduction has gone from “good morning, my name is Evie, how may I help you?” To “what the hell do you want?” You can’t even fully enjoy the evening at home after your shift as you know you have to go back in tomorrow. “Welcome to the adult world” my dad says. I didn’t choose to be an adult, so why must I be a part of their world?

6am is a horrible hour to wake up.

On some days the sun isn’t even up. My colleagues live a lot closer to my place of work than I do, and pity me for having to get up so early. Fumbling around half awake trying to get into smart clothes and put mascara on his a challenge even in the daylight! The temptation to just turn off the alarm and go back to sleep and just never work again is unbearable.

The general public are actual idiots.

They are the most infuriating thing in the entire world. Asking obvious questions, accusing me of not knowing what I’m talking about and demanding to see the manager (who tells them exactly what I just told them, haha). Children screaming and crying, middle class people with their Waitrose hummus and Cath Kidson bags trying to skip the queue to get away from the commoners, and foreigners who can speak about as much English as I can mandarin. No amount of pounds per hour could make it worth dealing with them. And all while having to maintain a smile and a happy, can-do, polite attitude.

You then have to commute back home.

It’s 17:00, you have been up since 6:00 dealing with angry confused members of the public. Home time! However, the commute home is way over an hour. Your phone runs out of battery, you left your earphones at work. And then you have to do it all over again tomorrow!

Sorry this list was negative, I have just never been this mentally and physically drained my entire life! Full-time working isn’t all bad. My job is interesting, and I’m making friends with my colleagues. Plus, I get free lunch which isn’t so bad. What things annoy you about working and commuting? Comment below!

Love from a very tired Evie x

Author: eviejrichards

Hello, I am a 21 year old English Student with a passion for writing. In my blog I will write about thoughts, recipes and advice. I hope to gain a better understanding of myself through writing, and even possibly grow a little community!

One thought on “5 quite terrible things I have learnt about working full-time this week”

  1. Hear, hear! At 69 I still refuse to “join” the adult world. When faced with the general public en-mass, I put animal faces on them, a bit Grimm. Maybe that’s why I love that programme. I loved working in London 50 odd years ago, but returned to London to do my degree 20 years ago and hated it. Your observations brought it all back to me.
    Evie please do not turn into one of those commuters, use your imagination, use the force Luke, turn people into aliens, trains into last chance to leave earth starships. The week after it’s jungle warfare. You can get through this and still be Evie when you come out the over end.


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