On Being A Londoner In Brighton

I have lived in Brighton on and off for two years now as I am a student at Sussex University. During this time I have noticed a few key differences between London and London-by-the-Sea. Today’s post is supposed to be light-hearted and give people an idea about what life is like at our sister city. I will write a more thorough post at a later date about the wonderful Brighton Lanes. Enjoy!

1. The traffic lights are silent???
Are you telling me that I have to look up from watching snap stories for up to 30 seconds to see when the man turns green and it is safe to cross? I feel like this is an attack on millennials.
traffic light

2. I’m sorry, I’m going to say what we are all thinking: Brightoners don’t walk- they shuffle.

When it isn’t the entire population of Italy having a day out to the Pier rudely in your way, it’s the elderly. Sorry, Mr and Mrs Cute-Old-Couple but I have a 25X bus to Catch! If I miss that I have to get the 25, which is a whopping 7 minutes longer (an inexcusable amount of time to waste as an unemployed student).


3. Brighton has a better selection of doggos.

The stresses of living in the capital mean that Londoners arm themselves with Rottweilers and Staffs, which are frankly more like weapons than man’s best friend. However, the sea air appears to calm Brightoners, and they opt for little bundles of fluffy joy. Pugs, Pomeranians and Poodles galore!
4. Southern Rail is absolute sh*t.
Raise your hand if you have been personally victimised by Southern Rail. Every day I thank the Lord that I do not have to rely on it to get to uni. However, the few amounts of time I have used it left me reminiscing about the good ol’ days of being at stations like Victoria and Charring Cross. Southern Rail charges you a ridiculously high price just to be cancelled on.
5. The beach is an absolute God send during heatwaves.
The hustle and bustle of the capital, and not to mention the pollution makes 27 degrees feel like 270. How many times have you tried and failed to find a nice spot in St James’ Park? Well, on Brighton beach there is room for all! The great atmosphere of students getting their first dose of vitamin D and fending off the rickets. Yes, there may be a slight whiff of weed in the air (it is always the guy in the Che Guevara top) but feel that sea breeze! Bring some cans, have a laugh with your mates. This is what Brighton is all about.
brighton beachh.jpg
I hope you enjoyed this little post!
Lots of love, Evie x

Author: eviejrichards

Hello, I am a 21 year old English Student with a passion for writing. In my blog I will write about thoughts, recipes and advice. I hope to gain a better understanding of myself through writing, and even possibly grow a little community!

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